How to donate your car using a free car removal service?

Junk My Cars is a vehicle removal service that will pick up junk cars from your property completely free of charge. Using this unique service can allow you to de-clutter your property and cash for junk cars get rid of any unsightly vehicles that have no use for. This service is very easy to use with their friendly online interface or phone call options.

Step One: Submit Your Information

The first step in this donation process is giving them information regarding your location and the location of the car. This will also involve information about the best way to contact you once this process has started.

Next, you will give detailed information about the vehicle that is being removed. They will need information regarding the car type, condition, and current location. Once this information is given, a tower will be assigned to you.

Step Two: Junk Car Towing is Scheduled

The tower will contact you about your schedule and the best time to pick up this vehicle. Be sure to give them the best time for you and the location of the car.

Step Three: Free vehicle removal service

After the scheduling is complete, the car will be removed from your property. Be sure to include the keys and proper paperwork in the car to prevent any issues.

This three step process is a very simple way to de-clutter your property and recycle your old car. Using this free service will allow you to focus on other things in your life that need your attention.

Donating a car is an easy process. Using online resources can help you by giving you a quote or letting you schedule a junk car removal. Visit donate used vehicle [] today and make plans to remove that junk car from your property.


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