Online auctions are some of the most popular places to sell items online because it is not only free but also a great place to earn money. In fact, those who wish to sell items to make room in their closets for newer items can earn a little money on the side by putting them up for auction online. All they have to do is create a listing in any of the available auction sites and start broadcasting their auctions to their network of friends. Heck, you as a seller can even advertise any of your auctions by writing about them and submitting articles to article directories. This is also known as article marketing, a popular method that internet marketers would use to gain more traffic and lure interested customers to their online businesses. If you want to gain more popularity to your auctions, article marketing is one of the low-cost ways to do so.

But to be able to make the most out of article marketing, it is important that you understand how article marketing really works. You basically spend a few hours writing high quality articles about the business that you are doing. Writing articles to be submitted to directories like and others should contain keywords that will silent auction ideas boost your chances of getting readers. The links to your auctions should also be placed within the article (usually at the bottom or end) to link customers to your auctions once they’re ready to view what you have to offer. In this case, articles about your auction sites should contain main keywords that fit the searches of interested buyers or bidders. Once readers start visiting your pages, you’ll be able to get many interested buyers to participate in your auctions.

So where exactly do you start submitting articles about your public auction? Here are some tips for you to try:

– Search for article directories that many writers would normally submit their articles to. You can try searching by keying in keywords into search engines like Google and Yahoo and see what particular article directory comes out first in the list of results.

– Take note of the guidelines of the directories before submitting anything online. Also, don’t forget to add the links of your public auction site before submitting them and advertising them on the web.

– To keep your readers up to date, it would be best to set some time during the week (ex. Once or twice a week) to write newer articles about your auctions. You can talk about the different items you’re adding to your online auction, news and updates, pros and cons, and so much more.

– When writing about a public auction, it is also a good idea to provide tips and guidelines on bidding and winning in auctions. Some examples include how to win in auctions 50% to 70% of the time, how to identify a trustworthy seller (indirectly pointing to you), how to detect and avoid a scam auction, and many more. You can also write about tips on spotting a fake item from an authentic one, making the best deal, etc.

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