The main reason that many people fail to utilize the popular military MRE meals is simply after trying one of the packages they readily admit they do not like them. This is understandable since these meals are not for everyone’s taste. I personally have used the MRE’s and find that they really are not all that bad. The benefit of them is that after you have consumed your meal you can simply burn all the trash.
The fact still remains that same type of survival food must be stored in a back pack or a survival bag in order to have food in an emergency. It would be very impractical to carry cans of food on your back as the weight would certainly exceed the usual 65 pounds allocated for backpack use. In addition the canned foods will require some method of disposing of the trash cans when your meal is completed.
If you happen to be one of those people who admit that you survival food kits can not stand the taste of the military MRE meals then all is not lost. There is still hope for you in another easy and lightweight meal. Take a trip to your local sporting goods shop and purchase a few of the dehydrated meals that are packaged in small bags for campers and hikers. Although there are many brands available you may find that the mountain house brand is one of the more tasty choices. With these meals you merely have to add boiling water to the food bag and wait a few minutes for the liquid to be absorbed and you are then ready to enjoy a tasty and quick meal. These foods are available in pouches which serve a single person to as many as 4 or more people. You will find a great variety of meals to choose from that is sure to please anyone’s taste.
Since when creating a bug out bag it is important to pack as light as you possibly can in the event that you may end up traveling on foot. Since every extra ounce of weight will eventually end up strapped to your back you need to plan your accessories accordingly. I have discovered that by carrying water purification tablets in my BOB I can save a considerable amount of weight by not having to take large quantities of water with me.

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