Leather jackets have been part of our culture leather jackets for a long time. The outfits are made from different types of leather. For example, there are those that are made from natural leather and others from synthetic leather.

Natural leather is obtained from the hide of various animals. The hide is tanned to get the leather. Although, there are many tanning methods, chrome tanning is the most popular. The method produces high quality and supple leather that doesn’t stretch, lose shape or discolor.

Synthetic leather on the other hand is made from plastic material. It’s also known as faux leather or leatherette. The material looks like real leather, but it’s not. The good side with it is that it’s cheap; therefore, you can afford it.

Styles of leather jackets

There are many styles of leather jackets with the main ones being:

Bomber: it’s one of the most popular and versatile styles. It was designed during the mid-1900s when pilots used to fry open cockpit aircraft at high altitudes. The outfits were aimed at providing warmth to the pilots. They are characterized by an elastic waist and ribbed cuffs. They also have a fur lining to provide the needed warmth.

You can wear the outfit casually or you can wear it over a business attire.

Double rider: It’s the original leather motorcycle jacket developed by Schott NYC. It was introduced in the market in 1928 and it’s characterized by heavy duty padding and protection over the elbows, spine, and shoulders. It’s made from heavy and durable leather that is tougher than regular material.

Although, the jacket is aimed at protecting a motorcycle rider from rain, wind and cold, you can also wear it casually. For an edgier look, you should wear the outfit over a button up and tie.

Peacock: from its name, this is a jacket designed in a peacock style. It’s designed to give you a dressier look and doesn’t look good when you wear it with a completely casual outfit.

Factors to consider when buying a leather jacket

The first thing that you should consider is the function of the jacket. For example, if you want a jacket to ride a motorcycle in, you should go for a motorcycle jacket.

Another factor you should consider is the quality. Although, Italian leather jackets are known to be the best in quality, this is not always the case. When buying the outfit ensure that it’s soft, flexible, supple, breathable and well maintained.

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