The sauna, by definition, is a specially built cabin or insulated room where one can experience both wet and dry sessions of the same. There are smoke sauna, dry sauna, wet sauna, steam sauna, and even those working with infrared waves. It effectively limit all forms of direct radiations such as light, infra red, and electromagnetic. At present there are many types of sauna options that use different types of heat sources like electricity, wood, gas, and unconventional methods like solar power. For enjoying its effect, all you need to do is select a heater that suits your preferences. In short, sauna without heater is just a room!

There are four types of sauna heater, they are gas and oil burning sauna heaters, wood burning sauna heaters, electric sauna heaters, infrared sauna heaters. These heaters play a key role in heating up the air present in any room so that one gas heaters can sweat horrid toxins and cleanse skin as well. If you are dwelling in country side or can easily get fire wood, then wood sauna heaters are of great preference.

Wood Burning Sauna Heaters come as a perfect choice for any outdoor sauna. It has a combustion chamber where air flow can be well controlled. Faster the wood burns higher is the air flow. When this air flow is controlled, the degree of room temperature is maintained to an extent. In Wood Fired Sauna Heaters, the danger of smoke entering the sauna is reduced, as it is drawn out by a metal smoke pipe, which is installed from its roof. These Wood Sauna Stoves have glass doors and one can easily watch flames while taking sauna. Its installation is much like a wood stove or fireplace. Water jackets and shower plump are included in the option of Portable Wood Sauna Heaters that heat water. The traditional finish sauna heater is same as wood sauna heater. Wood Sauna Heaters are efficient in heating up the sauna faster and burn less amount of wood. It is a right choice for an outdoor installation.

Harvia M3 Wood burning sauna stove is an ideal choice for any place where there is insufficient electricity. This unit provides soothing heat for creating a remarkable atmosphere. It gives a relaxing experience of bath. Harvia M3 sauna stove is an economical, durable and stylish wood burning stove that delivers heat and a well balanced air circulation. It comes in stainless steel finish, metal black color with glass door.

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