If your serious about doing promotions on Facebook, you really need to be harnessing the power of software packages out there. With the correct use of friend adding software you can automate tasks such as adding prospects who fit the demographic and region you are targeting with the click of a button. From there you will make a few minor adjustments to ensure the software keeps your accounts out of fire from Facebook support staff.

In order for you to star under the radar you really only want to be doing a maximum of 300 friend requests a day and randomize how the requests are done. This is done with ease once again using software that is currently out on the market. If you read the title of this article you would have notice I made a bold claim of getting 200,000 friends in 17 days or less.

A lot if not most people would say I’m crazy!, I assure you this is not the case friend filter extension as you can do the same with some simple planning.

– Facts to consider

  • Facebook allows maximum of 5,000 friends per account.
  • 300 Friend requests a day is a suggested level to keep you in the clear from having accounts killed.

– Breakdown of our 200,000 friends goal

  • In order to achieve 200,000 friends this must be done across 40 accounts as we can only have a maximum of 5,000 per account.
  • We will sign up 40 Facebook accounts (I personally outsource this work to India)
  • Use all 40 accounts each day to send around 300 friend requests a day ( No More)
  • By working of these numbers you would have out 200,000 friend requests in 17 days.

If you wanted to be more aggressive i would suggest having 100 accounts and doing 30,000 friend requests a day till you get your max numbers of 500,000.

Now this is all very achievable, either start small and put in the blood and sweat work yourself or outsource all the data entry tasks like account creation to India. Below I have provided a link to where you can download the same software I use for my Facebook promotions. This is a free piece of software that Ive found on my travels.

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