For the landlubbers among us the thought of staying on a ship for 7 days or more may seem a little boring. But folks let me tell you if you get bored on a cruise ship then you must be the sort who is only happy hanging off the edge of a 300′ cliff by your fingernails.

From the moment you step on board for the first time your senses tell you that you are in for a ride. The air is electrified with excitement as you enter the main atrium and are greeted by ship staff (one ship we stayed on announced each family over the ship PA system as you stepped off the gangway into the atrium – wow, talk about making you feel special).

Here are some of the activities you can experience on board as well as on shore and I think you will agree that boredom is not an option while cruising throughout the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Pool Deck

Poolside is always a boisterous place with people swimming, hanging out in the hot tubs, sitting at the bar enjoying a drink, or just sitting around a table with friends talking about what’s next. This is where the band is setup and it is common to see people being lead into some sort of dance by a crew member. Our days usually start and end around the pool deck.

Throughout the day there will be organized events on the stage by the pool. This could be a special dance, a hairy chest contest – usually for the men, a men against the women challenge which usually involves some silly activity that both parties attempt, or some other fun event. Mind you that these activities are always tasteful and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Sports Deck

Up top there is usually a basketball court where you can shoot a few hoops or play a full game in an event arranged by the crew, play some volleyball or as on one ship get a chance to ride a Segway – a two wheeled upright people mover. On the sports deck you can usually find a few ping pong tables, mini golf, or even an inline skate track. On Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas, as well as other’s in their fleet, they have a 30′ Rock Climbing Wall. The ship provided all the safety gear including helmets and harnesses and trained crew members took care of belaying for each climber.

SPA and Gym

If you feel like working out you will find a well complimented gym containing various pieces of exercise equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, weight machines and free weights. They offer aerobic classes and for any who decide to start an exercise regime onboard you can have one of the personal fitness trainers guide you through a program designed for your fitness level.

For the ultimate in pampering – hey that’s what cruises do best – you can sign up for special spa treatment such as a facial, pedicure, neck massage, back massage, or even a full body wrap. They even offer the full cosmetic treatment so you can spend the day getting ready for the formal night.

Bars and Lounges

Need a break from the sun and heat then you can head indoors to one of the many bars and lounges that your ship will offer. Do you fancy sports then head to the sports bar and watch the latest game. On our last cruise we watched the Super Bowl game on a big screen set up on the pool deck.

Maybe you are in the mood for a stogey so why not head to the cigar club, or if music is your thing head off to the piano bar for some soothing sounds and if you feel like joining in, why not, the pianist always loves a little company as you get a chance to sing one of your favorite melodies.

Once night hits you can pull out your dancing shoes and head off to the disco and for a little boogeying.


With the exception of the Disney Magic every other ship we have been on had a casino. Now I am not much of a gambler but even I tried my hand at roulette – and won! Before stepping onto a cruise ship the only gambling I did was buying the friday night lottery ticket so needless to say I was a little intimidated to take part in anything other than the slots. Now I wanted to try one of the tables, blackjack, roulette, poker, whatever but didn’t know the rules so I hung around the tables and just watched people playing trying to pick up the rules. Well the dealers are more than willing to help with the rules so you can ask them questions and they will explain the rules as you go. They even 中國集運 offer training sessions throughout the cruise so that you can have a chance to try your hand at a game without having to pony up any cash. Just think about it for a moment why wouldn’t they want to help you afterall the odds are in their favor that they will end up with your cash anyway. Now me and my buddies are regular fun gamblers and will head to the casino for a night or two to have a bit of fun and try to win a few bucks at the same time. I have a limit so I put aside $100 to gamble with and once it’s gone I’m gone. But you know the three times I played roulette I came out a winner each time – it feels good to go home with the casino’s money.


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