Education on the whole has changed considerably, and it goes without a doubt that mathematics too has moved on so that it works in conjunction with the changing times. Undoubtedly mathematics is not quiet what it used to be a few years ago, simply because its applications has changes. Most people would remember solving complex math and calculus problems with just a simple pen and paper, while counting with fingers was just about common as anything. However the upper grades like advanced math studies and statistics included the use of calculators for grappling with enormous problems.

The scene today in mathematics has shifted to a completely entire different gear. Students even in the middle schools are now allowed to use calculators and most specifically graphing calculators like the HP 50g and the HP 40gs. These calculators’ allow students to work with graphing, algebraic calculations, calculus problems, statistical calculations and even charts.

With education only moving forward, how do we use these graphing calculators in education?

Firstly it is advisable that students in the middle and upper schools should learn why they need to work with a graphical calculator. They need to get familiar with the math curriculum that is being taught in their schools or district. This will help them understand why they require a Scientific Calculators graphical calculator, ideally it is essential that every student uses one, which will only help them resolve calculations quickly and accurately which otherwise would have taken time.

The HP 50g and the HP 40gs graphing calculator is an easy to use calculator and even the novice student will soon learn how to use it to their advantage. This is because the HP calculator is extremely easy to use and understand. The keypad is very simple and is equivalent to the keypad on your mobile phone. The alpha numeric keys will tell you easily on a first hand basis that you can use it for data entry texts as well as use it for various algebraic and mathematical use. Apart from this it will also assist you in creating graphs and charts that could be relevant for all your math and scientific studies.

The HP 50g and the HP 40gs graphing calculators come with an easy to read manual with clear instructions that educate you how to use certain function to resolve even the toughest of problems. Infact students will even learn how to program regular functions and formulas and store them in their memory storage space for further use. The SD memory can also be reformatted and even upgraded if required.

Graphics plotting software on your graphing calculators are educational and a feature that enhances all of these is the permit to download all your calculations, graphs and charts onto other devices, by simply connecting it through the USB port. You can now take print outs and even save data onto other storage devices like iPods or even your personal computer.

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