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How to Clean a Camera Lens

For taking high quality and spotless pictures, the camera lens requires regular cleaning. Cleaning is also an art just like taking good pictures. If the cleaning is done incorrectly then it will surely compromise the quality of the pictures. Lens cleaning is one of the most essential maintenance practices. Before starting the cleaning process, it has to be understood whether the lenses are point-and-shoot type or the SLR (singe lens reflex).

Things Needed

Following are the items which are needed;

– Camera Lens
– Soft brush
– Clean sheet
– Cleaning cloths which should be special cloths like the ones used for cleaning eyeglasses. Ordinary towels or cloths are not suitable as they can leave scratches and fluffs on the lens
– Cleaning fluid is supposed to be made from pure water or alcohol. If this is not available then plain water or alcohol will be fine.

Cleaning Point-and-shoot lenses

These types of camera lenses are built-in and they normally have a protective automated window and shutter for protecting the glass from scratches and streaks. These lenses don’t often get dirty and regular cleaning is not required for them.


1. Turn on the camera for opening the lens corner.
2. Few drops of cleaning fluid are to be poured on the cleaning cloth.
3. The lens is to be cleaned from the outside and inside. All the surfaces should be reached especially with the small lenses.
4. It has to be made sure that the lenses are dry before turning off the camera and engaging the lens cover.
5. Turn on the camera and take a test picture for checking if there are marks or streaks on the photograph.

Cleaning SLR lenses

These types of lenses are mostly preferable for taking outdoor photographs, this is the reason that they can be very dirty. However they are easy to clean as compared to other types of lenses.


1. Look for a place that is free from dust and near the window having direct sunlight. Spread out the clean sheet and place all the items on it.
2. If the camera lens is still attached to the body then it has to be removed. Those lens parts that are attached to the body do not require cleaning. It should be made sure that this part is not touched canon mirrorless lenses cheap as fingerprints can affect the picture quality.
3. Use a soft brush for gently removing any dust or dirt.
4. Little amount of cleaning fluid has to be poured on the cloth.
5. Start cleaning the lens from the center slowly moving to the outer surface and then wipe off the fingerprints. Straight strokes should never be used as form straight marks that are difficult to remove.
6. The dry part of the cloth has to be used for wiping the lens.
7. Inspect the camera lens under the sun for ensuring that it has been cleaned adequately. Now place the filter on the lens for making sure that there no particles are trapped in between the two.
8. The lens can now be mounted back into place on the camera body.
9. Take a test picture for checking if there are any streaks or marks on the lens.

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