Ever thought why is it so unfair that the boys get to try out dangerous and different stuff? They can be allowed to do hazardous things such as extreme sports and risky vices. But when it comes to girls, society usually discourages them to do such things, or if they already did, frowns, scolds, or even punishes them. These activities or almost prohibited stuff to do is tattoo designs for girls. There is usually a stigma for girls who have tattoos, which include being called loose and even to the point of being called immoral.

Yet, many girls are still having tattoos. Despite the stigma and societal backlash, you might ask, why? There are hundreds of reasons why there are tattoo designs for girls. Some of these reasons include that these girls want to be different than most people. It becomes an expression of their own personality, or who they are or who they want call girls in lahore to become. Since tattoo is also considered an art, it has always been perceived to be a form of self expression using you own body. Hence, these girls, through tattoo designs for girls are able to express themselves better and be recognized for their individuality. Other reasons include even very shallow reasons that tattoos are somewhat pretty and adorable, or make a girl look cuter or better looking. Because it is usually a prohibited thing to do, or that girls think it makes them look cute, pretty, or adorable, tattoos are also used to make an impression on boys they like.

There are hundreds of tattoo designs for girls. Of course, unlike men with tattoos, tattoo designs for girls are far more cute and fantastical. Since most guys who have tattoos are usually members of gangs or are known to be tough or aggressive guys, their tattoos are usually bizarre and eerie, with their tattoo illustrations containing monsters, demons, dragons, skeletons, naked women, or even occult or religious symbols. However, tattoo designs for girls are really feminine and even to a point, childish. Common tattoo designs for girls include angels, fairies, name designs, their favourite boy band, flowers, cute animals, or whatever girls find cute or amusing for them.

So, how does a girl get a tattoo? Since girls are mostly teenagers or kids, they usually do this only for fun, excitement, or the thrill of trying out something new and dangerous. Getting a tattoo design for girls, is very exciting and of course, it feels really good when you already have the tattoo. However, it is usually a dangerous process, depending on the methods you choose to use in getting a tattoo design for girls.

There are a variety of ways for tattoo designs for girls. There is the normal way of tattooing which is usually not advisable for girls. Since this method requires needles, blades, which make the skin even bleed and scar, and is therefore very painful and excruciating, it is usually only suitable for men and older women who can withstand the pain of such operation or method. Moreover, if the tattoo artist is using recycled needles, it might cause sickness, most especially blood transmitted disease to the girl getting the tattoo. Since the girl is only of tender age, and lacks necessary anti biotic to counter the spread of the disease, it might even prove fatal.

Tattoo design is also a permanent mark on your skin, which you cannot just remove at whim. It usually needs laser technology which leaves scars on the skin. The safer way for tattoo designs for girls is usually through henna. This is only a temporary way of tattoo, which simply means drawing of a sticky in the skin. It eventually disappears after a period of weeks.

Hi, I am Gaylene Slater, the author of Living the Good Life in Love, Life and Family. Now here is something I do not do every day, but well and truly worth a look. No I don’t personally have a tattoo, but I do have a teenage daughter whom does want one and rather than fight her I prefer to have a look around and see what is out there. If we can understand what tattoos really mean and find a spiritual or family meaning here well that makes a difference. Anyway good or bad, right or wrong here is an insight into tattoos (especially for girls!)


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