A new online training course called ‘Website Profit Formula‘ is now available. The creator of this product is Steve Tenpenny. This guy is not a guru, he’s just an ordinary guy who has found a way to make 6 figures online. This new product is his genuine attempt to teach others to be successful online as well.

But, does the product live up to its promise? They are so many money-making courses and scams online. What makes this one different from the rest?

I have spent the last few hours reading the training a course in miracles  materials and watching the video tutorials inside the Website Profit Formula’s member area. I will let you know what is the course about and how it can benefit you. And I hope you can make an informed decision after reading this review.

As mentioned, Website Profit Formula is an online training course. The main reason why it’s online is because Steve (the owner) is updating the content on a regular basis. As new techniques or new ways of earning money online become available, he will add them in the course. This will set it apart from other money-making products. As a member you’ll always receive first hand information!

The training materials are currently organized into 6 main sections:

1. PLANNING. This is the best place to start. Make sure you download the getting started guide and read it (it’s a PDF file). After you read the guide, get back to the planning section online and read ‘From The Ground Up’ ~ it shows you exactly what you need to do to start your very own website. It doesn’t matter how little experience you have, you need to read it.

NOTE: Since Website Profit Formula is an online course, there are many hyperlinks to other topics. Your desktop may get cluttered up with many windows after a while. So, please stay focused and don’t get confused.

2. LOOPHOLES. This section has two topics: ‘Instant Page Rank’ and ‘Quick Index Tool’. If you’re new, I suggest you to skip the first one as it’s a bit advanced. Start with the ‘Quick Index Tool’ that shows you how to get your new website indexed within 24 hours. You can come back to ‘Instant Page Rank’ and watch the video after you have gained some experience in building and managing a website.


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